Gulnara is at it again  

Months ago we launched our blog for Why Nations Fail by using contemporary Uzbekistan as an example of how extractive institutions make a country poor and how they are kept in place by extractive political institutions. In Uzbekistan these political institutions feature the unchecked, kleptocratic rule of Islam Karimov and his family, including his daughter Gulnara. 

We also noted how Gulnara adds a bit of glamour and verve to the whole extractive institutions thing because she is a fashion designer, hangs out with Sting and sings duets with Julio Iglesias.

Now she’s back in the news, perhaps helping to bring attention to the first anniversary of our book’s launch. She is working on her signing talents in a sizzling duet with Russia’s latest citizen Gerard Depardieu as can be seen here. She’s also confronting her critics in a bemusing Twitter exchange brilliantly summed up by International Crisis Groups’ Andrew Stroehlein (who engaged in the Twitter conversation with her) The CNN coverage is also worth having a look. 

As yet we have not developed a psychological theory of the extent to which the leaders of extractive regimes are in denial and how this varies across countries. 

But we can promise that when Uzbekistan becomes an inclusive society, there won’t be any need for this blog anymore because probably the whole world will be inclusive.

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