Rapping Why Nations Fail in Quibdó (with Alexis Play)  
Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson

Paula Moreno, director of Manos Visibles, who we mentioned in our previous post, used to be the Colombian Minister of Culture so she knows about a lot more than just the economy. Part of her agenda is to promote the amazingly rich cultural and artistic life of the Chocó (not just raise GDP per capita).

So she sprung a surprise at the conference. Local Colombian, Chocoano rapero (rapper) Alexis Play was invited to attend the first day and conclude the sessions by improvising a rap based on the themes of the discussions.

This didn’t only include Why Nations Fail but also a lecture by Adolfo Meisel of the Central Bank on regional inequality in Colombia.

However, Alexis did start off with our presentation, see here for his very clever and funny improvisation (unfortunately only in Spanish)

Here is Alexis with one of the proud co-authors!

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